We are looking for everyday people with:

  • A desire to help others find the perfect products for their unique needs and preferences
  • Commitment to Hue’s mission to increase representation in beauty
  • An authentic POV and willingness to review products based on your  unique beauty needs and preferences

How It Works

Get access to FREE products in exchange for honest video and photo reviews

1. Complete
your Profile

Tell us more about you and your beauty preferences

2. Get Matched to

Hue matches you with brands who are looking for real people like you

3. Get FREE Product Delivered to Your Door

Open your package at home and become familiar with the products

4. Create Authentic

Review campaign briefs and film video reviews based on your experience

Hue Creator Highlights



I love the foundation! It’s super light, doesn’t cake, spreads on easily and let’s all day! My favorite for sure! I also like the many different shades.


I love discovering new products and I am so happy I found my perfect shade match! Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Love this UGC-like platform to include a diverse background of experiences as well as people.


I am very excited for all your other campaigns in the future!


I’m so so honored to be a part of this program! I enjoy it thoroughly!

Frequently asked questions

What is Hue?


Hue helps everyday people and creators partner with leading brands to receive free products in exchange for authentic video and photo reviews.

Hue was founded by three people across the skin tone spectrum who all struggle with finding the right beauty products online. They thought, if this is a problem for all three of us then it must be a problem for EVERYONE!   

We spoke with countless beauty shoppers and they said the same thing: I WANT TO SEE THE PRODUCT ON SOMEONE THAT LOOKS LIKE ME.

Here’s where you come in! We are introducing a new way for customers to shop using Hue Creators, a diverse community of people, who share the same characteristics as shoppers. The Hue Creators (i.e. You) received free products from our brand partners, then create HONEST video and photo reviews to show shoppers what products look like on someone who looks like them.

Imagine shopping for beauty products and being matched with an entire group of people who share your same skin tone, skin type, preferences, and more! Cool right!

Who are Hue Creators?


Hue Creators is a diverse community of passionate beauty lovers - from students, to moms, to teachers and creators who create honest videos and photo reviews. Every video and photo review that you share about your experience with beauty products helps others discover the best products that work for them.

Hue Creators are passionate about helping others, increasing representation in beauty and trying new products for FREE.

Why should I become a Hue Creators?

Make a difference

Beauty is for everyone. Yet, it is very difficult to see honest video and photo reviews from people who are truly representative of everyday people. 

Are you a dark skinned person with rosacea? Do you happen to have oily skin and prefer foundations that are slightly darker than your actual skin tone? Hue Creators make a difference in beauty simply by being themselves and sharing how products work for them. There is a beauty lover out there who is similar to you. Don’t let them purchase another lipstick shade that doesn’t work for their skin tone!

Get FREE product & access to brands

It’s simple. Join today and wait to get matched to campaigns. Receive free products from leading beauty brands and share your thoughts on how the products work for someone with your unique skin tone, hair type, preferences and more.

Be a trusted voice

Real people, who look like me! Joining the Hue Creators community is much more than receiving FREE beauty products and writing unspecific reviews, it’s also about trust! Whether you’re a beauty novice or an expert, anyone can join our community and share their experiences - as long as they are honest and useful to someone like you who is considering purchasing the products that you review.

How does the Hue Creators creator program work?

  1. Complete your Hue Creators application and tell us a bit more about your and your beauty preferences. 
  2. Get matched to campaigns based on brands that are looking for someone like you with your unique characteristics. 
  3. Receive FREE products at home and have fun trying them out
  4. Create authentic video and photo reviews to help people like you make more informed purchases

What is the requirement to join?


A desire to empower shoppers to find the perfect products for their unique beauty characteristics and preferences.

A commitment to Hue’s mission to increase representation in beauty.

Be yourself! You must have a willingness to review products honestly based on how the product works for your unique self. Shoppers are trusting you to guide them.

How do I sign up?


Sign up to join the Hue Creator community HERE.

I submitted my application, what happens next?


Sit back, relax, and hopefully you’ll make it in! Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us immediately - keep posting amazing UGC on your social media pages about your experiences with beauty products, because we accept people on a rolling basis. Note: You must be 18+ to participate.

Don’t hesitate!
we’re looking for someone just like you!