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Hue TwinsTM are a  vetted community of real people who create authentic video and photo reviews for your products! Hue guarantees representation across a wide range of beauty-relevant attributes.

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Annie Jackson
Credo Beauty, Co-founder + COO

"Hue is bringing to life both complexion inclusivity and real, authentic engagement in the beauty community…we are incredibly excited to unveil this partnership to the Credo consumer."

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Sheena McIntyre
Exa Beauty, Brand Director

“The idea of a Hue TwinsTM is smart, because when customers can see how a real person like them looks in the product they are shopping it gives them the confidence to check out online. We know Hue will help drive conversion, increase customer loyalty and most importantly innovate the beauty space.”

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Michael McNeil
Lawless Beauty,Chief Marketing officer

“In a sea of complexion quizzes, AR makeup filters, and shade charts, Hue has been nothing short of a breath of fresh air. The team shares an unwavering commitment to excellence, diversity and inclusion, while delivering a consumer experience that is second to none.”

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The most comprehensive shoppable UGC solutions with proven-performance

Convert more customers with

Shoppable Video Module

Build trust with shoppers and keep them on your website with authentic UGC content.  For all beauty brands and product categories, the Shoppable Video module features a collection of UGC videos and photos . Shoppers filter the content based on their preferences, view honest reviews from people who look like them and add to cart with confidence.

  • 29% conversion increase on websites that feature UGC
  • All-in-one UGC sourcing, management & technical integration
  • Content usage on wesbite, emails, social and paid advertising
Boost customer confidence with

Shade Matching Solutions

Shoppers complete a simple series of questions resulting in AI-product recommendation with a percent-level accuracy - e.g. 85% of your Hue TwinsTM recommend this shade based on hue’s expert-verified for similar shopper’s behaviors.

  • Seamless integrations on website
  • 90% accuracy for complexion products with +40 shades
  • Email collecting for retargeting and remarketing

How It Works

Simple & customizable integration. We handle all technical integrations, UGC sourcing and management, all at a fraction of the cost of influencer agencies

1. Customize Requirements

Define Hue Twin creator recruitments based on skin tone, skin type, hair color, age, etc. Then define custom application branding and theming to ensure seamless look and feel with your website.

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2. Receive Authentic Content

Ship full-size product to selection of Hue TwinTM who create an authentic video, photo and written content based on your needs.

3. Integrate Quickly

Hue manages product and workflow setup and configurations, then integrates the custom app to your website.

4. Measure the Results

Assess analytics - sales, engagement, return on ad spend. Then tap into your brand’s Hue Twin UGC Library to boost social and paid ad performance

Why Partner With Hue

One-Stop Shop for Tech & UGC Content

Partnering with Hue is seamless and easy. We manage the end-to-end details, including content sourcing and management as well as technical configuration and setup for all Hue systems.

Customer-Preferred Product Features

9/10 beauty shoppers prefer Hue’s user-friendly, personalized experience to competitive solutions. Hue’s AI shade recommender matcher and content filters are among many features that personalized the shopping experince based on customer’s unique needs.

Complete Content Usage Licensing

Repurpose the high quality, authentic vidoes and photos in your Content Lbrary across your brand’s digital channels including website, emails, social media and ads.

Easy and Customizable Integration

Define custom application branding and theming to ensure seamless look and feel with your website. Choose the colors, fonts, and design systems to provide shoppers with a premium experince.

Performance Above Industry Average

The metrics speak for themselves: 90% accuracy for our Shade matching solution. 23% avg sales increase with out UGC video content integrations.

Authentic, High-Quality UGC Content

Hue is the only solution to guarantee breadth and depth of content across all dimensions of beauty  - skin tone, skin type, age and more. Hue TwinsTM create honest testimonials of how products work for their unique beauty characteristics.

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See how innovative beauty brandsdrive sales with Shoppable UGC

Keep customers on your site with  embedded UGC from a diverse, large collection of creators.

Build connections and delight shoppers with UGC from real people that look like them. New and exisiting shoppers want to see themselves in your brand.

Let shoppers select specific shades to compare side-by-side. Add personalized UGC filters so shoppers can see how products works for specific skin types, hair colors, skin concerns, preferences and more

Provide the information shoppers need to add to cart confidently, all in one place. Video testimonials, before / after images, ratings and reviews, and more.

Repurpose UGC in social ads to attract new customers with Hue’s inclusive, customer-centric shopping experience.

Solve shoppers #1 problem when shopping online for complexion products. Hue’s shade matching solution is 90% accurate.

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