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Beauty is personal, and finding products that honor your uniqueness can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. This experience is what bonded us as founders, who have each experienced the challenge of finding beauty products IRL and online. We are delighted to build solutions to shopping  for beauty, so that anyone, anywhere can find the perfect products and feel that they are represented in beauty.

We know your dream foundation, facial moisturizer and everything in between is out there - let’s find them, together.


Janvi, Sylvan & Nicole


We believe, simply, in showing up as your authentic self. This extends to our Hue TwinTM, brands and employees

Empowering Others

We aim to empower our partners and Hue TwinsTM, and hope that they will pay it forward


We aim to make true, measurable impact for our partner’s businesses and everyday beauty lovers

Quality Product Experience

Everything we build is thoughtfully built to the very highest standards

The Heart of Hue

Our passionate Hue TwinsTM makes a difference in beauty with their commitment to sharing their product experiences to help others. They are the best represenation of our values of Trust, Authenticity, Empowering Others, Quality and Results-focused.

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